Waterlase Technology

What Is Waterlase Technology? 

Waterlase technology is a type of dental laser that combines laser energy with water spray to perform dental procedures that typically require the use of more invasive dental tools like needles and dental drills. 

We can perform an array of dental procedures with this painless, minimally invasive tool that has revolutionized dentistry. If you’re interested in using Waterlase technology for your next appointment, contact us at Bria Dental to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Waterlase?

Our Waterlase technology eliminates the need for an anesthetic because the laser completely eliminates pain and discomfort. It also enables us to skip the use of needles and dental drills which can be less precise, uncomfortable, and cause dental anxiety in our patients. 

The Waterlase laser preserves more of the healthy tooth structure, reduces bleeding and inflammation, and even reduces the risk of infection. The best part is that lasers cauterize the tissue as it cuts, so you reduce healing time and eliminate the need for stitches. 

Because Waterlase lasers have a wide range of uses in all tissues, we can reduce the need for multiple dental visits and can work on multiple areas of the mouth at once. 

What is Waterlase Used For? 

Waterlase can be used on both soft and hard tissue in the mouth, which makes it very versatile in its uses. From performing dental cleanings and removing tooth decay to treating gum disease and performing frenectomies. 

Waterlase can even remove oral growths. This minimally invasive, safe laser provides an alternative to invasive surgery that would usually be necessary to treat gum disease, tongue and lip ties, and the removal of growths.

We're able to carefully reshape bone, precisely remove tooth decay without removing too much tooth structure, and recontour gum tissue. Waterlase makes dental work more convenient, comfortable, and safe. 

Is Waterlase Safe?

Yes, Waterlase is not only perfectly safe for use in both children and adults, but it’s also safer than traditional dental tools. Instead of using aggravating scalers and other abrasive tools to perform routine or deep cleanings, the laser is highly effective at removing plaque and tartar buildup from around the gum line and even in deep gum pockets. 

Frenectomies usually require the surgical cutting of soft tissue that can cause young children a great deal of discomfort and pain. Waterlase changes all of that and enables us to safely release the tongue or lip without any pain or surgical complications.

The way Waterlase works is by combining water with air and laser technology to excite water molecules to cut through tissues like the teeth. This is done without excessive heat or any damage to your teeth or soft tissue.

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