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Not Your Ordinary Dental Practice

The staff is exceedingly kind, competent, and professional. You will feel cared for the moment you step into chic office space to meet their smiling faces. Also, a TV mounted on the ceiling with picturesque scenic views makes the reclined time of examinations/cleaning/fillings fly by.

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We Believe You Deserve Our Best

Our commitment to growth and continuous learning means we’re always looking for ways to add new technology, develop new skills, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

We Believe In Science-Based Solutions

Using modern technology and techniques, our dental care solutions are formed from evidence-based science to help optimize the success of every treatment, every time. 

We Believe In Asking "Why"

Traditional dentistry serves to solve the symptom. We dig deeper to find the “why” for the symptom in the first place, leading to life-changing solutions that address core issues.

We Believe Dentistry Is Personal

By listening to you, creating lasting relationships, and providing a comfortable, judgement-free experience, we’re better able to provide tailored solutions that best fit you.

We Believe In Our Community

We live here. We love it here. We’re driven by a desire to make a lasting difference in our community and the lives of those we serve, and make Tucson an even better place to be.

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