SprintRay 3D Printers

The only 3D printer designed for digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry now goes beyond simply sending patient scans out for fabrication at a lab, and the ease-of-use offered by 3D printers has made it easier than ever for your dentist to mill their own crowns.

Now dentists can print many dental appliances in-office during working hours, giving them the freedom to offer better treatment while drastically reducing cost.

With 3D printing, dentists can manufacture custom dental parts with speed and precision while you wait.

With a SprintRay 3D printer and SprintRay resin materials, your dentist can:

  • Print a precise, biocompatible, FDA-compliant surgical guide to aid in implant placement using SprintRay’s biocompatible class I material explicitly developed for the fabrication of Surgical Guides for dental implant surgery.
  • Print bone-supported, tooth-supported, & mucosa-supported surgical guides with unparalleled accuracy to make procedures safer and faster
  • Fabricate fully functional digital study models or 3D print them to make clear aligners, mouthguards, splints, occlusal guards, and orthotic appliances. Creating these models in-office reduces turnaround time and cost which leads to a better patient experience. These rigid appliances are printed in a matter of hours and help keep a patient’s teeth in their proper orthodontic alignment. The final fabricated appliances are attractively clear, strong, and durable.
  • 3D print dentures to be used as an interim denture immediately following extraction surgery or as long-term temporary denture bases that can be used for up to one year
  • Make flexible indirect bonding trays that allow your orthodontist to load an entire arch of brackets into the tray, and quickly cement them onto a patient’s teeth. The transparency of the tray material lets your dentist use a curing light to cement an entire arch of brackets simultaneously saving time in the dental chair.
  • 3D print crowns and bridges in incredible, photo-realistic detail. Using a class IIa micro-filled hybrid material, restorations can be stained and polished to precisely match the patient’s teeth.

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