Carestream Intraoral Scanner

Now you can see what your dentist sees and much more!

The Carestream intraoral scanner lets your dentist make complete, detailed, realistic digital models of your mouth in as little as 5 minutes and offers some of the highest resolution available. 

Your dentist can scan, create, and insert a crown in one appointment saving you time in the dental chair. No more goopy impression material or bite registrations. 

The Carestream intraoral scanner lets your dentist determine the ideal implant placement on a computer model before your appointment, so the safest and fastest method can be figured in advance. 

Scanner tips can be sterilized in an autoclave, reducing your risk of cross-contamination, and reducing waste with the use of plastic barrier bags and film. 

High-definition 3D digital models can be viewed from every angle, allowing you and your dentist to design your perfect smile together. Based on your input, your dentist can make changes at the touch of a button and show you the results on the screen instantly instead of using conventional plaster models with wax mock-ups requiring another consultation appointment. 

Orthodontic cases can be planned out using digital models, allowing your dentist to plan your treatment possibilities more quickly and with greater accuracy.

The Carestream intraoral scanner features an intelligent matching system that allows your dentist to fill in missing data with one swipe without having to redo the entire scan. 

Full, high-definition 3D color images let your dentist see every detail of your mouth as it is in real life, and files can be emailed to your dentist’s lab, so they can see exactly what your dentist sees which means increased color matching, accurate bites and fewer remakes.